Christian Ulbricht Nutcrackers


Whenever people go for the holidays in the beaches, they are likely to engage in nut-cracking activities. There are many nut-cracker designs, including the ratchets, levers and screws. Most people design the nut-crackers in form of a toy with the jaws of the machine being the mouth of the toy. This attractive design leads to many beautiful modifications that prompt people to buy them as decorations for their houses. Christian Ulbricht is among the leading nut cracker producing companies worldwide, which dates back to the mid-twentieth century. The following informational content shows why the Christian Ulbricht nutcrackers remain to be beautiful and timeless gifts for Christmas.

1)  Magical powers of the Wiseman

Most of the nutcrackers by Christian Ulbricht have assumed the shapes of the images representing the three wise men who went to see baby Jesus on the night he was born. A considerable fraction of people who buy these nutcrackers believe that the mere presence of the Wiseman’ in the house is enough to bring many blessings to the family. Giving someone as a gift for Christmas is therefore perceived as giving a blessing to the person, which makes the Nutcracker to become a timeless gift at such a time.

2)  Amazing action

The Christian Ulbricht nutcrackers are designed in such a way that the nuts are inserted into the mouth of the toy, and it chews off the shell to give you the ball. For instance, the Alpine Santa, a common type of the Christian Ulbricht nutcracker has a fantastic way of chewing and releasing the shells. This amazing action by the toys makes it fun to have the Nutcracker at home, especially during a festive Christmas like Christmas.

3)  Excellent wood and materials in making the toys

When Christian Ulbricht, the founder of the Christian Ulbricht took over the family business from Otto, his father, he decided to maintain the time-honored traditions with only a few modifications. He ventured in producing nutcrackers with some of them taking his shape. He also made sure that the materials and the wood were the best, and this was emulated by all his workers. Given the high quality of these nutcrackers, it is undeniable that they serve as timeless gifts for Christmas.

4)  Attractive appearance

On the eve of Christmas, it is common to find people in malls shopping for Christmas trees, Christmas huts, red/white Christmas wear and other attractive Christmas objects such as balloons and kites. Someone who comes across a Christian Ulbricht nutcracker while shopping is highly likely to pick it because most of the toys look just like Father Christmas. Besides, most of these toys wear a smiling face or a face that is suggestive in nature. When placed on a table or a shelf and a visitor happens to look at it, the toy drives emotions to them and the visitor is highly likely to make a face to it. This attractive appearance qualifies the nutcracker to become a timeless Christmas treasure suitable to be given to a loved one.


The Christian Ulbricht nutcrackers are believed to have magical powers by most people. Also, they have an attractive appearance that fits perfectly with the Christmas season. The fine material used to make them and the incredible action makes these nutcrackers even more special. With this informational material, it is evident a person given a nutcracker from Christian Ulbricht can have no better gift whatsoever.